Graduate Student Mentoring Award

The Graduate Student Mentoring Award has been established to recognize graduate students at the University of Florida who take time to help others succeed as graduate or undergraduate students or in K-12 classrooms (i.e., working with K-12 students and/or teachers). The award is particularly designed to acknowledge the mentoring contribution from the graduate students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines, including SBE (Social, Behavioral and Economic) sciences.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) to develop specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. For I-Cubed purposes, mentoring examples include, but are not limited to: peer mentorship (mentoring less experienced or new students in the program or department), career counseling, helping undergraduates to prepare for a graduate program, conducting research and co-authoring/presenting research results, providing guidance on how to effectively collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary areas, and helping K-12 classrooms (students and teachers) with science endeavors.

2013 Graduate Students Mentoring Awardees

2012 Graduate Student Mentoring Awardees

Post Award Expectations

Recipients of the award will be invited to participate in events designed to share and discuss awardees’ mentoring experience with UF community (e.g., through panels or workshops). These events will be sponsored by I-Cubed Program and the Graduate School. The awardees will be also encouraged to develop an activity or mini-project in their departments/program/colleges that would advocate for mentoring activities among all graduate students. I-Cubed can provide funding support for such activity or mini-project.

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