Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC)

GSAC is always open to new members

Our meetings are open to everyone, so if you have ideas you would like to share, feel free to come to one of our meetings. You can submit an application to join GSAC by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.



Financial fitness

In partnership with the CRC, please join us on December 3rd for what should be a very helpful seminar with Martha Kern



Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition.


Thank you to all those that attended Graduate Student Research Day 2015.  If you attended, please consider taking a few minutes to provide feedback for the event.


Next Fall GSAC meeting

TBD.  Check the first of December to find out.


The Council is the driving force of the I-Cubed Program in shaping graduate education campus wide. We help prioritize students’ interests and needs, as well as facilitate effective communication between graduate students, faculty advisors and university administrators.


About GSAC

Council Meetings and Members

If you’d like to join our discussion and learn more about how we can transform the graduate education at UF, please contact one of us:

Academic Avisor: Dean Henry Frierson

Associate Director of Graduate Professional Development: Dr. Katie Indarawis

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